What sizes are available?

Art Paper 230g/m2
5x7 inches - (127mm x 178mm)
8x10 inches - (203mm x 254mm)
11x14 inches - (279mm x 355mm)
12x16 inches - (305mm x 406mm)
16x20 inches - (406mm x 508mm)
18x24 inches - (457mm x 610mm)
20x28 inches - (508mm x 711mm)
20x30 inches - (508mm x 760mm)
A5 - 5.83 x 8.27 inches - (148mm x 210mm)
A4 - 8.27 x 11.70 inches - (210mm x 297mm)
A3 - 11.70 x 16.54 inches - (297mm x 420mm)
A2 - 16.54" x 23.40"- (420mm x 594mm)
A1 - 23.40" x 33.10"- (594mm x 841mm)

Cotton Canvas (Rolled) 360g/m2
8"x10" +2"white border - (203mm x 254mm + 50mm white border)
16"x20" +2"white border - (406mm x 508mm + 50mm white border)
A3 - 11.70" x 16.54" +2"white border- (297mm x 420mm + 50mm white border) A2 - 16.54" x 23.40" +2" white border- (420mm x 594mm +50mm white border)
A1 - 23.40" x 33.10" +2.4" white boder- (594mm x 841mm+ 60mm white border)

Select your size from the “Material and size” drop down box.

If you need a different size than those offered in my shop, please do not hesitate to contact me.

When will my item be ready and my package sent?

Although my production time is noted 1 to 3 business days, in most cases I try to prepare and send every order within 24 hours after payment, during the week. If the payment is made during the weekend or national holidays, I make it on the first business day after that. Express delivery orders are prioritized.

Does my package have a tracking number?

All of my packages are sent out with a tracking number, which will be included in your order information, right after the package is shipped. You will also receive a notification e-mail on your valid e-mail address that the package is sent. If you have a problem with the tracking of your package, please send me a personal message through contact page and I will assist you.

Some packages are sent via priority mail and can be taken from the post office with a signature from the receiver or an authorized third party. If the postman cannot find you at home, at the given address for the order, he/she will leave a note for you, and you will need to go to your local post office and pick up your package.

Before placing your order, please, check that your address is correct and up-to-date.

If you‘d like to pay for Express Shipping, please be sure to include your phone number in the message box in the messages to the seller. This is a requirement by the carrier, in order to provide a fast and safe delivery service.

Help! I accidentally typed incorrect, incomplete, or old address!

In case you entered an incorrect address and noticed that after the payment, please contact me immediately!

We have a short time frame for processing your order and shipping the package. That’s why it is best to contact me as soon as possible, as to check if there is still time for adjustments.

I bear no responsibility in case you provided a wrong, incomplete, or an old address, and you did not notify me before shipping.

After shipping the parcel, I have no control over it and cannot make any corrections of the recipient's address.

Please, enter your address only with Latin alphabet characters and numbers, and without any additional symbols – like an asterisk, quotation marks, and other hieroglyphs, because adding such could result in an error when printing the address and it will make it difficult for the scanning machines in the post offices. This will also, result in a delay in delivery.

How long will take to receive my item?

Please refer to my shipping policies.

Do you offer Express Delivery?

Yes, I do. I offer Express Delivery with DHL Express.

Please, if you need your package immediately and you are not sure if it will arrive on time, just send me a message, and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

I just bought something, but I changed my mind and I want to cancel my order. Is it possible?

If you change your mind within the next 12 hours about an order you’ve placed and if it is still not sent out, please let me know and I will reimburse you the full amount.

If the package is already shipped and a tracking number is assigned to your order, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to do anything from then on.

I just received my order but I want to return this item because I don’t need it anymore. Is this possible?

All of the prints are printed in my studio after the order is placed. I use only high-quality materials. Every print is printed out, checked, cut, and then carefully packaged by me - personally. This way I am 100% sure of the quality that I offer to my clients. The hand-made work process is expensive. And yet, if for some reason you want to return the package, I will respect your wish.

Please, repackage the item carefully and put it in the original packaging. Don’t forget to place all of the presents or discount coupons, in case you’ve received any.

Contact me so that I can provide you an address for return.

You have to send the package back within 14 days of the day you have received it.

All of the transportation costs and return costs will be at your expense.

When I receive the package, I will return your payment.

I received a damaged/wrong item

If you received a damaged item during transportation, I will send a new one, of course. All of my packages travel with insurance. In order to receive a new item, there are several conditions, required by my insurance company that must be met:

  1.  Contact me within the next 24 hours after receiving the package.
  2. Send me two pictures:
  • a picture of the damaged item. The picture has to show the damage to the product and the design on the product.
  • a picture of the package. The picture has to show your tracking number and address on the package.
Messages with requests of replacement or refund, sent later than 24-hours after delivery and without photos of the damaged items and packaging, will not be processed further.
I work with love and passion. I‘m always very careful and fully concentrated when I work but I’m also a human being and prone to error… If you have received a wrong item and it is my fault, please contact me within 24 hours after receiving the item, send me one picture of the wrong item you received and I will send you the correct one right away.
What do I do if the tracking page says “Delivered” but my package is missing?

Please refer to my shipping policies.

What is a rolled canvas print?

As the name suggests, rolled canvas prints are essentially unstretched canvas prints.


It costs less than stretched canvas

Option to take the rolled canvas to a professional stretcher

There is no risk of damage that might occur during shipping

Cheaper shipping

Chance to stretch the canvas yourself if you prefer the DIY approach

Do you offer frames?

I do not offer frames because I ship worldwide and in most cases, a product will be much more expensive with a frame because the package becomes fragile. In some occasions, it is even impossible. So, you have the freedom to pick a frame and personalize your interior décor: your room, children’s bedroom or office with a frame of your choosing that will fit your style and you can buy it from any local store in your area.

There isn’t any framing on any of my products. All of the frames on the pictures are merely there to show my customers what the items will look like with a frame.

I tried to provide information in details for all of my products in the AD description. You can find there, under each item, information such as materials, inks, the different dimensions for each item, and the different sizes it is offered in. If you are not sure about something and you can’t find it in the product’s description, please take a minute and send me a message before buying the product. I will be happy to answer all of your questions. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes a simple question before placing an order can save a lot of time for both of us.

Do you offer digital downloads?

I only offer prints for sale. All of my designs shown here are offered in print on textured art paper or cotton canvas. All of my products are for personal use only and are not offered for re-sale. Copying the images from my shop, placing them on other websites or shops and selling the copies from the pictures is strictly forbidden.

What kind of packaging do you use?

The bigger prints are not framed, they are placed in a durable cardboard tube. The small prints are placed between durable flat cardboard sheets and come in an envelope.

Will I have to pay customs and duties?

Some countries charge additional customs and duties, and customers are responsible for any such charges. I am occasionally asked if I can send packages as gifts to avoid such charges, as I understand certain other businesses do. To be clear, this is an illegal practice and may additionally subject you, as the customer, to penalties and fines in your own country. Regardless, as a business that strives to be ethical, I am not able to mark your items as gifts with low value on customs forms.

Questions about your order?

Please contact me if you have any problems with your order.