About me

My name is Violeta and I'm a Bulgarian artist. I love experimenting with new ideas and also combining art with scientific knowledge especially in the field of Anatomy and Biology. These have always been my two passions in life.

It is my grandmother’s textbooks and encyclopedias that inspired me to create accurate and yet artistic images of different organs and other scientific elements. I still use some of the images and incorporate elements from them in my art. I find that my unique artistic approach is the best way for me to portray scientific images. It makes them a great decoration for hospital facilities and offices, and some of them are great home decorations for scientists and doctors. Some of my work even has some humorous elements, because I love to look on the bright side of life, even when it is under a microscope.

To have the opportunity to combine science and art in my own unique and creative way is a dream come true. That’s why I have extra special care for all of my products and designs. They are created with a lot of passion and self-motivation.